The episodes of the podcast “Emotions and CO” arrive very soon!

EPISODE 1 – Teaser (in English and in French)

Welcome to the first international podcast about parenting, from an emotional and cultural point of view. Wonderful, distressing, easy or exhausting, parenting often resembles, regardless of nationality, an emotional lift. You will hear ordinary mothers and fathers, from different cultures, tell you about their parenting experience and personal relationship to emotion.

ON THE AGENDA: emotions, but also communication, comprehension, cooperation, confidence, complicity and construction.

EPISODE 2 – Nini (in French)

A modern French mother who freed herself from her childhood blockade and social pressures to offer her 2 year old son an education based on freedom.

TIPS: 1) allow your child to free himself from his emotions by crying; 2) breathe deeply together at bedtime.