Emotional coaching

Emotional coaching is….

Awareness of what we want and why; our talents, our resources; a long way to go and challenges to reach our goal.

Confidence in our abilities, in the importance of developing them, in our values, in the possibility of achieving our goal.

10 good reasons to do it

  • to discover his emotions
  • to share his emotions
  • to create to understand
  • to create to build himself
  • to develop attention
  • to cultivate the joyce
  • to develop his serenity
  • to strengthen self-esteem
  • to face fear
  • to soothe sadness


Emotional coaching may be required when:

  • you are faced with different difficulties, stress, anxiety, some of your behaviors, bad habits, phobias that are deserving you
  • you have simply cravings and needs for change
  • you prepare a personal, professional or sporting project/objective/opportunities that requires concentration and preparation
  • you need to see more clearly on your situation (whatever its complexity, the difficulties or contradictions)
  • you need to choose priorities to avoid dispersing your energy excessively
  • you need to find motivational sources strong enough to achieve the goals that you fix yourself
  • you need to build a solid self-confidence.

How does the workshop happen?

Pendant les séances, grâce au dialogue, des questions et des exercices personnalisés, je vous aide à réfléchir, et à devenir conscient de votre potentiel et de vos possibilités d’évolution. Mon rôle est de créer un espace de confiance, où vous pouvez vous exprimer librement.

More information

Public: absloutely everyone, regardless of age, professional situation or life goals.

Duration: between 3 and 8 class of 1h30 (as required), separeted by one week.

No required equipment.

Language: French or English.

Place: in class or online (by Skype).