Because as parents, we sometimes need to reassure ourselves with the experiences of others, 

here you will find testimonials from parents who have already followed my workshops.

INFANT MASSAGE WORKSHOP – Bûn Ling, Taiwanese mum of 4 months baby:

I liked to discuss about the kids problems with instructor […] I can feel my baby is happy and enjoy when I massage her. […]  It’s a good course for parents. I learned a lot about kids, massage and how to take care of kids and myself.

INFANT MASSAGE WORKSHOP – Yiyen, Taiwanese of 9 months baby:

Before the class, Delphine always guild me how to relax myself and encourage me can be a good mom for my baby […] I will recommand my friend if they want to learn baby massage. They can learn from Delphine.

INFANT MASSAGE WORKSHOP – Laurent, Taiwanese dad of 4 months baby:

Delphine is very nice instructor, she knows the needs of parents and baby. She never give time pressure and let parents and babies feel confortable at class. I can notice more about baby’s need by their gesture, and I feel more close to them.”

DUNSTAN BABY LANGUAGE WORKSHOP – Alia, French pregnant woman:

“I think it could be very useful to me! I found this workshop very clear, concrete and complete: why how and by whom it was created, why and how to use DBL, and all that it can improve! I think that doing it in 2 appointments allows to settle and summarize everything that was seen next.”

BURNOUT AND AUTONOMY WORKSHOPS – Nicolas, French dad of 3 years old boy:

A little bit reluctant to be ‘coached’ in a very personal field, I left 2 Delphine’s workshop sessions with great enthusiasm, a fresh mind and open to the countless possible solutions to improve my understanding emotions that can go through my 3 year old son. These breaths of oxygen (burnout and autonomy), helped me to feel not guilty as a father and to feel less isolated in front of the difficulties of  communication that I have with my son. We are all human parents with strengths but also weaknesses that we must be able to accept. Delphine is very professional, her speech is warm, her presentations worked and very pleasant, and above all based on very specific research and references. My favorite parts are nonetheless the games and exercises in which you can identify yourself quickly and that you can directly do when you get home! Thank you for showing us the direction from other perspectives!”

AUTONOMY WORKSHOP – Ninny, French mum of 2 years old boy:

I’m delighted to have done this workshop with Delphine. It taught me a lot, about me and my child. The workshop is very fun, interesting and relevant. I highly recommend to all mothers whether they have one or several children.”