DELPHINE, Happy Founder of Emotions and CO

After a difficult delivery, I was bedridden for several days and was not able to take care of my son, as I would have liked. While I felt attachment problems with him, I began to tell him in detail, during the evening crying, the days we spent together and what we both felt. As he stared at me and seemed to be caught and calmed by my monologues, a certainty gradually settled in me: his tears expressed needs and emotions that I had to respect and to which I had to respond.

This was confirmed by my many subsequent readings, and then by my son himself when he started signing to communicate. Amazed by these discoveries, I then took advantage of our expatriation in Taiwan a few months later to make a professional reconversion. Focused on human, I now accompany parents through workshops and conferences focused on their skills, and observation and understanding of their children.”

My leitmotiv: welcoming and understanding emotions allows for better communication and brings more serenity, benevolence and love to all families, whatever their culture and personal history.

My certifications: IAIM “Infant Massage” Instructor, “Dunstan Baby Language” Instructor, “Faber & Mazlish” Workshop Leader, “Professional Burn-out” Accompanying (Zen Pro Formation), “The essentials of Emotional Intelligence” (Zen Pro Formation).

My references: Montessory Pedagogy,  Positive Parenting, Aware Parenting, Non-violent Communication.

My last reading parenting book:  “Nobody told me” (Hollie McNish).

My tools to be calm: yoga and meditation.

My hobbies: travel, movies, DIY baby.