Have a moment of sharing and benevolence

The  “Emotions and CO Workshops” are only focused on emotions and communication. They are intented to all families, regardless of their social, cultural, religious or ideological characteristics.

They are a good occasion to:

  • share his experience with other parents
  • situate his experience in relation to ideal parenting
  • have a caring and confidential setting
  • develop his parental resources
  • improve the quality of the parent-child bond
  • learn practical solutions.

In the “Infant Massage Workshop”, all parents are specifically : 1) welcomed with their children in the respect of their individualitity and their own experience, 2) invited to respond the usual needs of their infant during the class, 3) able to find their own answers because they are the experts of their children. All baby have their rhythmes respected (sleep, eat, intereact…) and are not too stimulated.

Adopt new family rules