Create an emotional security

emotional security
"Parents easily call "caprices" or "comedies" these cries they can not interpret. It's terrible for a child when he's not heard [...] there is a message to decode."
Isabelle Filliozat
French psychotherapist. Author of "At the heart of the emotions of the child" (1999)

What is an “emotional security”?

In utero, baby already feels the emotions of his mother. From his born to his first year, he will feel especially four emotions (joy, anguish, pleasure and displeasure). It is only after one year that he will be able to understand anger and fear, and then follow the other emotions. 

These baby’s emotions seem often uncontrollable for parents. But, parents should avoid leaving their children alone in their emotions because they don’t yet have the tools to effectively manage what they are going through. We are the guarantors of their emotional security.

6 good reasons to create an emotional security for your kid

  • to allow your child to express emotions
  • to show him that you understand him
  • to accept his emotions
  • to establish a relationship who respect his emotions
  • to help him to discover what he feels exactly
  • to give him an opportunity to find a solution to his problems.

How does the workshop happen?

The workshop takes place in two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part, punctuated by discussions on the family, experiences and scenarios. At the end, you will receive materials with summaries and ideas to use at home.

More information

Public: parents and future parents (without kids).  

Individual or collective sessions (maximum 5 people to allow personalized attention to each).

Duration: One class of 1h30. 

No required equipment.

Language: English or French.

Place: In class or online (by Skype).