Prevent and get out of parental burnout

Burn-out parental
"Parenting in the 21st century is sometimes equated with a complex and stressful job, to the point that some parents fall into burnout."
Moïra Mikolajczak and Isabelle Roskam
Authors of "The Parental Burnout. Avoid it and get out of it".

What is the “parental burnout”?

Parental burnout is a burnout syndrome that occurs when a parent has been exposed to too much stress in their role as parent, for too long, in the absence of sufficient resources to compensate for the effect of stress.

8 good reasons to understand it

  • to reduce family conflicts
  • to reduce sleep disturbances and addictions
  • to prevent the effects of depression
  • to stop wanting to be a perfect parent
  • to dare to ask for help
  • to redefine your priorities
  • to listen to their needs
  • to take time for yourself.

How does the workshop happen?

The workshop takes place in two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part, punctuated by discussions on the family, experiences and scenarios. At the end, you will receive materials with summaries and ideas to use at home.

More information

Public: parents and future parents (without kids).  

Individual or collective sessions (maximum 5 people to allow personalized attention to each).

Duration: One class of 1h30. 

No required equipment.

Language: English or French.

Place: In class or online (by Skype).