Create to express his emotions

"Creativity is the royal way of expressing and taming emotions"
Mathilde Chevalier-Pruvo
Author of "the workshop of emotions" (2018)

What is “create to express his emotions”?

Children have a great need to make and create to feel themselves actors of the world around them. And it’s through creation that the exploration and understanding of their emotions passes.

He will build tools to tame his emotions that he can then reuse on a daily basis, independently. He will learn to recognize them, to understand what they mean and what they reveal to him about himself and his needs.

10 good reasons to do it

  • to discover his emotions
  • to share his emotions
  • to create to understand
  • to create to build himself
  • to develop attention
  • to cultivate the joyce
  • to develop his serenity
  • to strengthen self-esteem
  • to face fear
  • to soothe sadness

How does the workshop happen?

The workshop takes place in two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part, punctuated by discussions on the family, experiences and scenarios. At the end, you will receive materials with summaries and ideas to use at home.

More information

Public: parents and future parents (without kids).  

Individual or collective sessions (maximum 5 people to allow personalized attention to each family present).

Duration: Two class of 1h30. 

No required equipment.

Language: English or French.

Place: In class or online (by Skype).