Practice infant massage with IAIM

"Humans can not survive without the touch, it's a basic need."
Dr. Ashley Montagu
English anthropolgist and humanist. Author of "Skin and Touch, First Language" (1979)

What is an infant massage?

Infant massage is the art of using nourishing touch to communicate with your infant, to show him that he is loved, welcomed and respected. It is important that he feels safe and reassured in his new world. 

It’s a wonderful way to bond with your infants because massage has emotional and physical benefits. It helps to build deep links between parents and infant that has eternal benefits.

8 good reasons to massage infant

  • to have a special and tender moment with your infant
  • to give you a moment of relaxation for both of you
  • to help your infant and yourself to love you
  • to promote appreciation of touch and positive relationships
  • to help your baby to sleep better
  • to relieve infant's pains (gas, colic, crying, reflux)
  • to improve infant's digestive system and aliment absorption
  • to stimulate the cognitive development of your infant.

How does the lessons happen?

5 lessons are divided in 4 times: 1) a little time of relaxation for parents ; 2) the learning and practising of massage movements ; 3) a time of revision ; 4) a discussion about various parents’ topics.

Infant is massaged by his own parents during the session, I show the movements on a baby doll. If infant is not available for massage (sleeping, crying…), they  will practise the movements on a provided baby doll.

More information

Public: parents (one or both of them) with their baby. between 0 and 9 months.

Individual or collective sessions (maximum 5 families to allow personalized attention to each).

Duration: 5 sessions x 1h30 (1. legs and feets, 2. belly and bosom, 3. arms and hands, 4. face and back 5. gentle movements).

Classes are organized in 5 weekly classes of 1h30. During the week, you and your infant are able to integrate all the information of the session and get used to massage movements by practicing quietly at home.

You will need to bring: confortable clothes for the floor exercices, a towel for your infant, and all others things you needs for him (change, diaper, food, drink..).

I will provided for you: a bottle of vegetal oil, the massage protocol, various information papers in English, and a certificate for your participation.

Language: English or French.

Place: In class or at your home (not by Skype).