Release emotions through play

"It is by acting that we learn. To play is to learn while having fun, of one's own accord, without tiring! [...] The game is the work of the child."
Jean Piaget
Swiss psychologist. Author of "Play, dreams and imitation in childhood" (1962)

What is “release emotions through the attachment play”?

Used in educational science and psychology, the learning through game is a concept according to which the child acquires skills through play activity, giving meaning to the world that surrounded.

Play gives him social and cognitive skills and self-confidence that enables him to live new experiences and evolve in unfamiliar environments.

10 good reasons to use it

  • to motivate him and give him pleasure
  • to give him a concrete goal and encourage him to get involved in it
  • to facilitate his concentration and memory
  • to use his various skills at the same time (logic, reasoning...)
  • to develop his faculty of adaptation
  • to enable your child to be active (he is responsable for his reflection and strategy)
  • to allow him accept from his mistakes and success
  • to reduce his stress and the fear of error
  • to review and apply concepts already seen
  • to develop his 5 senses, arouse intellectual and emotional reactions.

How does the workshop happen?

The workshop takes place in two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part, punctuated by discussions on the family, experiences and scenarios. At the end, you will receive materials with summaries and ideas to use at home.

More information

Public: parents and future parents (without kids).  

Individual or collective sessions (maximum 5 people to allow personalized attention to each).

Durée: two classes de 1h30. 

No required equipment.

Language: English or French.

Place: In class or online (by Skype).