Privilege autonomy rather than prohibition

"A child locked in his limits remains unable to value himself
and will not be able to adapt to the outside world."
Maria Montessori
Italian Pedagogue

What is “the autonomy and the forbidden”?

When we systematically forbid children to do things themselves, we slow down their construction.

Many anger and systematic opposing behavior of the child can be explained by the non-respect of his immense need for autonomy. He wants and must do it by himself to learn and build.

8 good reasons to “privilege autonomy rather than the forbidden”

  • to develop self-esteem and self-confidence
  • to limit frustration and anger
  • to be calmer
  • to help more easily others and act cooperatively
  • to develop a sense of responsibility
  • to become aware of your limits and strengths
  • to learn more easily
  • to adjust strategies in case of error.

How does the workshop happen?

The workshop takes place in two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part, punctuated by discussions on the family, experiences and scenarios. At the end, you will receive materials with summaries and ideas to use at home.

More information

Public: parents and future parents (without kids).  

Individual or collective sessions (maximum 5 people to allow personalized attention to each).

Duration: One class of 1h30. 

No required equipment.

Language: English or French.

Place: In class or by Skype.